Book Publishing 101 with S.M. Beiko

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the ChiSeries Winnipeg workshop, You’ve Written A Novel… Now What?: Book Publishing 101 with S.M. Beiko.

If you aren’t familiar with ChiSeries Winnipeg, they’re the local “branch” of the Canada-wide Chiascuro Reading Series. In a nutshell, they support speculative fiction writers by organizing paid reading events throughout the year. You should check out their next reading event in April.

I believe this was the first ChiSeries Winnipeg workshop, and I sincerely hope there will be more. Samantha Beiko is a dynamic presenter, which is great when you’re dealing with a topic that could put English majors to sleep.

It was especially encouraging to hear about publishing from someone younger and in the speculative fiction industry – Beiko is both an author and a publisher of speculative fiction. A lot of the resources I have found on the topic in the past are either outside of Canada or aren’t as personable as a blog or podcast.

Her section on self-publishing and indie authors was particularly intriguing, as I wasn’t aware there was anyone making a living at it in Canada. A few of the names she mentioned were Clare Marshall and GMB Chomichuk, if you share my interest.

Well, that’s all for now. The next post will be about my experience re-reading the first draft of my novel – and it didn’t go as planned!

Featured Image by Amador Loureiro