Goals for May 2017

April was a month of change for me, with a lot of things coming to an end. My mentorship program through ACI Manitoba finished, I had the last day of my first full-time job out of university, and I managed to shake the funk that’s been following me around all winter.

Of course, along with a lot of change comes the inevitable ruin of my writing routine. In the interest of getting back on track this month, here are my goals for May:

  1. Write more blog posts! I’ve been short on time and energy to put into this, and unfortunately it’s been getting pushed aside a lot for other commitments. I’m thinking a content calendar would be helpful for making sure I post on time.
  2. Do my first interview for the blog. I really enjoyed interviewing Tyler Enfield for an article in Prairie Books Now (link coming soon!). I’d like to do more interviews with spec fic writers in a similar style, then post them on here.

    Whiteboard with a world map in several colours that marks out a valley with a river down the centre. On the left side of the river is a society divided by income, with the wealthiest living closest to the river. On the right side is the old city which is now abandoned. The old city was divided up into guilds, with each guild given a sliver of access to the river and the public services along its banks.
    I did a workshop this month with S.G. Wong and ChiSeries Winnipeg about world building. This was some of the brainstorming that came out of it!
  3. Finish the outline for my novel-in-progress and start draft #2. I’m so close to finishing my outline for “The Lens” (working title, deliberately not creative in the slightest), but I lost steam on it last month. I expect I’ll talk about the process I’ve been using to create the outline in a future post, but it’s been a pretty big learning curve. I would also like to hit about 5-10,000 words on the second draft.
  4. Re-establish self-care routines. My mental health really took a toll on my writing routines this winter, so I need to refocus on making sure I’m doing the things I need to do to make sure I have the energy to be creative and to stick to a routine to get writing done.

That should be enough to keep me plenty busy over the next few weeks – what do you want to accomplish this month?

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Laura McKay is a speculative fiction writer whose work leaves you wondering and your mind wandering. Inspired by the Dresden Files, her current work-in-progress brings fast-paced, thought-provoking mystery and magic to the streets of Winnipeg.

Laura is also an Assistant Editor at Portage & Main Press and freelances on various writing and editing projects.

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