Goals for June 2017

Hecla, Manitoba
Another pretty from Hecla. Getting outside is on my self-care list – there’s no such thing as too much time outside when you’re stuck in an office all day!

Life got away from me again this month, so although I worked a bit on most of my goals, I didn’t actually manage to complete any of them. This month I want to continue working on all of them, and try to achieve at least one or two. We’re getting ready to sublet the apartment this month and all of the craziness that entails is inevitably going to cut into my writing time. Here’s the progress I made this month:

1. Write more blog posts! The content calendar did not get done, but I did manage to sneak in one post last month other than goals, and I have another post and a half written to go up in June – so we’re getting there! It occurred to me that I’d enjoy getting together with some other newbie bloggers to write together, so I’m going to try to get that set up this month in addition to my content calendar.

2. Do my first interview for the blog. I didn’t actually do this, but I did find an author I’d like to interview and started reading the book. I’m planning to get this post done either for the end of June or early July.

Outlining Board
Part of my outlining process – I’ve moved to working on Scrivener for this step but the corkboard was super helpful in the beginning. Forgive the glare, there’s a very enthusiastic window in that corner that the iPhone couldn’t make up for.

3. Finish the outline for my novel-in-progress and start draft #2. My learning curve continues with this one – just when I think I’m almost there, another ten scenes pop up that need to be written. I intend to finish the outline and work on editing it as I start writing draft #2. I’m still feeling a bit uncertain about my main character, so I anticipate there will be several changes to the outline as I figure out who she is a bit more.

4. Re-establish self-care routines. I’m still struggling to get this one done. I’ve been doing better at getting exercise and such, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Other New Stuff

A blog post I read a while ago suggested tracking the time you spend on different aspects of your projects to help you estimate how long it takes you to get it done. I’ve been using a new tool I found called Toggl to keep track of the time I’m spending on the outline. It’s nice and easy to use and really puts in perspective why it’s taking me so long to get the thing done – I need to focus on more short work sessions instead of random marathons in order to move it along faster and maintain momentum.

2017-05-15 20.07.12
I’ve loved Holly Bennett’s stories ever since I read her Bonemender series as a teenager. This was a new title I hadn’t gotten to yet!

I also discovered a new author this month, an indie named C.J. Archer. I read the first book in her Ministry of Curiosities series, The Last Necromancer, and quite enjoyed it. I was a bit surprised to reach the middle and discover it was actually historical fiction with fantastical elements as opposed to the straight fantasy I thought I was reading, but it didn’t take away from the story for me either way. I can’t wait to dig into some of the others in the series! I might go back to some of her earlier books too – I believe they’re all supposed to be in the same “universe”, so there are likely some fun Easter Eggs along the way.

What new books and tools did you discover this month? Any recommendations for some others I should try?

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Laura McKay is a speculative fiction writer whose work leaves you wondering and your mind wandering. Inspired by the Dresden Files, her current work-in-progress brings fast-paced, thought-provoking mystery and magic to the streets of Winnipeg.

Laura is also an Assistant Editor at Portage & Main Press and freelances on various writing and editing projects.

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