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Fragment: An Interview with Author Craig Russell

Fragment is the latest novel from Canadian writer Craig Russell, published by Thistledown Press. Described by some as an eco-thriller, the book tells the story of what happens when a massive ice sheet the size of France breaks off from Antarctica and heads out into the open ocean, putting the lives of humans and animals… Continue reading Fragment: An Interview with Author Craig Russell

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Tough Traveling – Non Human Protagonists

I would add the book I’m currently reading to this list: Fragment by Craig Russell. One of the main POVs is written from the perspective of a blue whale named Ring. I’ll be doing an interview with the author soon, so I’ll be sure to ask him about what writing those chapters was like!


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Started by Fantasy Review Barn, now run by Fantasy Faction.  Tough Traveling is back my friends!  Yes, the best fantasy specific meme around is finally up and running again.  So join us every week as we tour the fantasy genre. From high to low, from classics to new releases, from epic to urban; each month, we will guide you in search of a different trope, theme or cliché.  For a history of what came before check the tag above.

This weeks topic is Non- Human Protagonists

The Tough Guide assures us that HEROES are ‘mythical beings, often selected at birth, who perform amazing deeds of courage, strength and magical mayhem, usually against all odds.’ Furthermore, ‘if you get to meet a so-called Hero, she/he always turns out to be just another human, with human failings, who has happened to be in the right place at the right…

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Goals for June 2017

Life got away from me again this month, so although I worked a bit on most of my goals, I didn't actually manage to complete any of them. This month I want to continue working on all of them, and try to achieve at least one or two. We're getting ready to sublet the apartment this month and all of the craziness that entails is inevitably going to cut into my writing time. Here's the progress I made this month: 1. Write more blog posts! The content calendar did not get done, but I did manage to sneak in one post last month other than goals, and I have another post and a half written to go up in June - so we're getting there!