I love this quote! Perfect for getting motivated on those not-so-hot writing days. Here’s the full version on George R.R. Martin’s website.  

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Goals for June 2017

Life got away from me again this month, so although I worked a bit on most of my goals, I didn't actually manage to complete any of them. This month I want to continue working on all of them, and try to achieve at least one or two. We're getting ready to sublet the apartment this month and all of the craziness that entails is inevitably going to cut into my writing time. Here's the progress I made this month:

1. Write more blog posts! The content calendar did not get done, but I did manage to sneak in one post last month other than goals, and I have another post and a half written to go up in June - so we're getting there!

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Goals for May 2017

April was a month of change for me, with a lot of things coming to an end. My mentorship program through ACI Manitoba finished, I had the last day of my first full-time job out of university, and I managed to shake the funk that’s been following me around all winter. Of course, along with…

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